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Queen Candidates

Alaina Altenbernd


Major: Biology/Pre-Optometry

Sponsoring Organization: Cheerleading, Pre-Optometry Club

“I think that the Homecoming King and Queen are students that can be seen as a face for UMSL and represent the character of our school. The King and Queen should be students that other students can come to for help and advice. I would be a great fit for this because I think I could be a good face for UMSL. I take my academics very seriously and hope to make it into optometry school. I am also involved in cheerleading, biology club, preoptometry club, and National Society of Leadership and Success. My involvement in numerous organizations has helped me to meet so many new people and become a more involved member on campus. My goal is to be a helpful and accessible member of the student body.”

Sara Hilpert


Major: Psychology

Minor: Biology

Sponsoring Organization: Delta Zeta, Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association, National Society of Leadership and Success  

“From my perspective, the titles of UMSL Homecoming Queen and King are reserved for those who carry the most pride in attending the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. The King and Queen should encourage their peers to love UMSL just as much as they do. In addition to being a proud UMSL student, I personally think that the King and Queen should be students who have put time and effort into maintaining the esteemed reputation of the university. They should be successful in their academics as well as their student organizations in order to help continue UMSL's legacy of knowledgeable, impactful students. As for myself being a qualified candidate, I believe that I have the qualities that UMSL's Homecoming Queen should possess. I've maintained involvement while still taking challenging classes-including genetics, organic chemistry, and physics-while also taking courses in the writing-intensive Pierre Laclede Honors College. I have spent the past two and a half years improving myself and the UMSL community through my student leadership roles in my organizations. I've taken on leadership positions in Delta Zeta Sorority, National Society of Leadership and Success, and the Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association. I also work as a student assistant at the Counseling and Social Advocacy Center. Through these various positions, I have been able to gain many valuable friendships, countless volunteer opportunities, professional skills, and life lessons learned. My school spirit is also evident in my willingness to help any student or faculty member at UMSL; if someone asks me for assistance, I am eager to do so. That is a key quality that I have noticed of many Tritons: willingness to help others. The King and Queen should be prime examples. They should be entirely open to helping people both within and outside of the UMSL community through friendly acts of kindness or selfless volunteer work. Because of my academic and philanthropic contributions to my school and the community as a student leader, as well as the beaming pride that I take in being a Triton, I firmly believe in my qualifications to be UMSL's Homecoming Queen.”

Sarah Schaper


Major: Nursing

Sponsoring Organization: Zeta Tau Alpha

"I think the UMSL Homecoming King and Queen represent individuals who are positively involved in the community and on campus. I think I am qualified, because I have always been involved in different organizations and events here at UMSL. I have been at UMSL for over two years now and have loved every minute of it. Being named Homecoming Queen would be an honor."

Lizzy Turner


Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice

Sponsoring Organization: UMSL Recreation and Wellness Center

“I believe that the UMSL Homecoming King and Queen represent the face of the students that shows the safe yet fun aspect of being in college. They are the ones that could be looked upon as being a form of motivation for others in a way that demonstrates that anyone can do extraordinary things. UMSL Homecoming King and Queen represent a level of dedication that comes with starting and finishing college because of how they have to go through obstacles to get to a set goal. I would be a qualified candidate because of how I would be able to speak from experience of what true dedication and trial and error looks like. Being a part of the UMSL Recreation and Wellness staff also contributes to my qualifications because of how I am a part of place that is used at least once by students and faculty/staff members. My presence within the Recreation and Wellness center is not confined to its walls, but also spreads into other social settings on campus. The way I present myself and interact with not just patrons, but also my coworkers and supervisors, allows them to be comfortable enough to talk to me about both work and personal issues. My ability to make light of situations and cause others to laugh can make someone's day brighter, especially when I do not necessarily know what they are going through. I am a perfect example of what "Don't judge a book by its cover" represents. This is because of how I can, at first glance, appear to be unapproachable, but once I start a conversation with someone, they realized that I am just a hardworking and open-minded person that it is here to help when possible. ”

Madisyn Weiss


Major: Political Science & Criminology and Criminal Justice

Sponsoring Organization: Alpha Xi Delta

“I believe that that the UMSL Homecoming King and Queen represent the entire student body through both their leadership and spirt. While there are no grades and zero credits to earn from being a student leader, the experience gained from the role as well as the individuals touched by it will be valuable for a lifetime. Student leaders hold the unique position of making a difference on campus through creating change, inspiring others, and acting as a support system for their peers. During my two years at UMSL, I have held several leadership positions ranging from holding executive positions on student organizations to being an Orientation Leader to being a Peer Mentor through Multicultural Student Services. Through my participation in University Program Board, the Peer Mentorship Program, College Democrats, Alpha Xi Delta, New Student Programs, the Weeks of Welcome Crew, and the Coalition for Student Civic Engagement, I have developed a sense of pride for UMSL that cannot be contained. On a day to day basis, you can find me somewhere on campus from morning to evening working on projects that help to better this university and its students. It is because of my leadership experience and pride for UMSL that I believe that I am a qualified candidate. ”

King Candidates

Michael Clark


Major: Accounting

Sponsoring Organization: Sigma Pi

“I believe UMSL's Homecoming King & Queen represent the remarkable students and spirit that UMSL has at this institution. I think the King & Queen should represent the campus through their Leadership, Campus involvement, and having a dedication to school spirit. Throughout my 3 1/2 years on campus I have held multiple leadership positions where I have tried to provide my best effort in making my constituents lives as easy as possible. I have also been lucky enough to have been involved in so many campus organizations where I bring positivity to every situation. With these examples I believe that I have benefited the campus hopefully as much as it has benefited me. This is why I think I am a qualified candidate.”

Nick Domescik


Major: Secondary Education

Sponsoring Organization: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association

“I believe that the Homecoming King and Queen represent our campus. They are two people that are involved in organizations, care about their education, and genuinely want to make UMSL a better University. I believe I am qualified as Homecoming King because I love our school. I want UMSL to be the best it can be. I am involved on campus, I put effort into my education, and I always do my best to benefit our University!”

AJ Rothman


Major: SUCCEED Program

Sponsoring Organization: Educator Preparation, Innovation and Research

“The UMSL Homecoming King and Queen represent the student body of UMSL. Also in my opinion, I would be a great candidate because I have a great attitude and many of the succeed freshman see me as an older brother to them. The succeed freshman look up to me and appreciate the advice I give.”

Mario Miles-Turnage


Major: Media Studies

Minor: Music

Sponsoring Organization: Student Electronic Media Professionals Association

“Change, personality, and perseverance is why I would make a good candidate.”

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