2018 UMSL Homecoming

The History of Homecoming at UMSL

The Homecoming celebration at UMSL is a tradition that began alongside the founding of the university. On February 1, 1963, UMSL’s first Homecoming Queen was crowned at the campus’ first Homecoming Dance. What began as two events – a basketball game and a dance – has grown and changed with the university.

In 1974 Homecoming moved from February to October for the first time, and the tradition of the soccer season Homecoming at UMSL was born. It was a tradition that held fast until 1986 when Homecoming took a four-year hiatus before coming back full force in 1990.

2014 marked the first time Homecoming was  held in February since 1974. Returning to the roots of Homecoming in 1963, parts of the schedule remain virtually unchanged after 50 years,  the university has continued to add and improve events to create the rich tradition of Homecoming activities that we see today. From alumni reunions to 5K races and community service projects, the face of UMSL Homecoming is a reflection of the strong and vibrant campus life that exists within our Triton community.

Each year, the university invites alumni and friends to “come home” to celebrate the tradition of Homecoming. We hope that you will become a part of the UMSL Homecoming experience and spend some time with us at Homecoming activities in February!