Read all about the 2019 Royalty candidates! Voting begins at 12:00 am on Monday, February 18th and ends at 11:59 pm on Friday, February 22nd.

Royalty Candidates

Kaylie Cunningham


Major: Criminology, Psychology

Sponsoring Organization: Triton Health Educators

“I think the court should represent everything an UMSL should student represents. I am qualified because I am the leaders of two organizations on campus, I commute, work, and have an internship. I represent the UMSL student as who we are as a school.”

Joey Dordoni


Major: International Relations

Minor: Spanish, Anthropology

Sponsoring Organization: Student Government Association (SGA)

I think that the Homecoming Royalty represent some of the best leadership and personal development that UMSL has to offer. They are the "face" of UMSL students. UMSL has provided me with both outstanding leadership development but it has also helped me grow as a person, and I would be honored to represent what UMSL has done for me and so many other students.

Taylor Dordoni


Major: Communications

Sponsoring Organization: Zeta Tau Alpha

“I believe the UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents involvement and investment in all things UMSL. I believe I am a qualified candidate because of my deep love for UMSL and all the involvement opportunities UMSL has to offer students to help better themselves. I also have seen how UMSL scholarships have help myself, my friends, and my family focus more on school and stress less about finances, so I believe this aspect of Homecoming Royalty is very important.”

Sydni Jackson


Major: Civil Engineering, Spanish

Sponsoring Organization: University Program Board (UPB)

“I think the UMSL Homecoming Royalty are the embodiment of student leadership on UMSL's campus. They are individuals who take pride in the UMSL community and work to better it. I think I would be a qualified candidate because of my involvement on campus. Working in the Office of Student Involvement for the University Program Board is one of the best things I think that I could have done. It helped me get involved myself on campus but also through the work I have done, I have helped others get involved as well. I take pride in the UMSL community and what it stands for.”

Alyssa Johnson


Major: Physical Education

Minor: Psychology, Coaching & Leadership

Sponsoring Organization: Cheerleading

“UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents the long-standing Triton Traditions of our campus. Each member of Royalty represents the diversity, empowerment, and opportunity that UMSL offers to each student and faculty alike. I believe I would be a qualified candidate because I embody what it means to be a Triton. Through numerous involvements, in Cheerleading, Sorority, Orientation leader and Residential Advisor, just to name a few, I have found ways to connect and grow within my UMSL community. I have an extreme appreciation for the diversity UMSL has to offer, I love learning from it everyday. UMSL has empowered me and given me the courage to face all adversity that has come my way during my college years. And Last but not least I have embraced the opportunity presented by UMSL every single day to grow and flourish as a Triton. I would be honored to represent UMSL as Homecoming Royalty.”

Louis Meyer


Major: Communications

Sponsoring Organization: Alpha Sigma Phi

“The Homecoming Royalty represents the spirit and passion that exists on this campus. They represent the some of the best that UMSL has to offer. Fellows students should be able to relate to the Royalty, their personality and character should be highly touted. I believe that I would be a qualified candidate because of the passion and enthusiasm I have for this campus. Despite working full-time and taking a full class load, I have been very involved on campus. From being in a Fraternity, to playing almost every intramural sport, to even publishing articles in The Current.”

Foram Patel


Major: Nursing

Sponsoring Organization: Delta Zeta

UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents students’ involvement on campus, along with the traditions that have been carried over the years by UMSL faculty, staff, and students. Royalty court also represents UMSL's values and mission to transform lives!

Throughout my time at UMSL, I have taken advantage of all the activities offered on campus, along with being involved and taking on leadership positions in various student organizations. I am thoroughly involved in campus life, where I get to encourage students to also get involved on campus. I have been able to be take on leadership positions in Student Government Association, Delta Zeta Sorority, Weeks of Welcome crew, and have been working for Campus Life at Office of Student Involvement and Recreation and Wellness Center. This opportunity has given me a chance to increase my leadership skills and gain professional skills which will help me after graduation. I have been able to work and collaborate with faculty, staff, and students and make lifelong friendships. As a Week of Welcome crew leader, I acquired a chance to meet new students and welcome them to all the UMSL traditions and help them find their home on campus. The royalty court represents student involvement and the traditions and I have always encouraged new and current students to seek on the opportunity and resources offer at UMSL and because of this, I know I am a qualified candidate.

Amina Taylor-Allen


Major: Graphic Design

Minor: Japanese

Sponsoring Organization: KHAOS- K-Pop Dance Group

“I think Homecoming Royalty represents the strong culture of student involvement. This position shows dedication from anyone who is willing to run and keeps running until the end. I believe that I would be a qualified candidate because I am eager to further my involvement in more campus activities and to spread knowledge about Korean pop culture through our group.”

Amanda Vollmer


Major: Nursing

Minor: Psychology

Sponsoring Organization: Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

“The UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents the University as a whole. The Royalty are a set of leaders who stand as the face of the UMSL student body. They represent UMSL's fervor, diversity, and opportunity. I meet these qualities because I have a foot in several different areas on campus. My participation in athletics serves as a large part of who I am and how I represent UMSL. However, I also work at the Welcome Center and give tours to prospective students. I enjoy my job because I like showing potential students the University I love and why they should make the decision to choose UMSL as well. Finally, I study in the Pierre Laclede Honors College as well at the College of Nursing. It is important to represent these various areas of study because I want students to see all the different opportunities UMSL offers. I can lead as UMSL Homecoming Royalty because I maintain several different roles throughout campus and represent the University in a positive way.”

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