Read all about the 2021 Royalty candidates! Voting begins at 8:00 am on Monday, February 8th, and ends at 11:45 pm on Friday, February 12th.

Royalty Candidates

Kayla Bowling


Major: Anthropology

Sponsoring Organization: Triton Health Educators

“UMSL Homecoming Royalty should always be a good role model of what a good Triton is: caring, compassionate, reliable, and always on their toes! I feel like my friends would describe me as all of these things, they can always come to me in a time of need and I will always be there. UMSL Homecoming is an important tradition to UMSL and I think it's very important that we regain some sense of normalcy in these times. I would love to be able to help others do so and keep the lasting legacy of Homecoming alive.”

Madison Bruns


Major: Psychology

Sponsoring Organization: Zeta Tau Alpha

“The UMSL Homecoming Royalty exemplifies what it truly means to be a Triton. An individual who is involved on campus and who does what they can to ensure the betterment of the UMSL campus community. I feel as though I am qualified because I am extremely involved on campus and have earned a lot of roles where I am seen as a mentor. Through this, I am able to help guide incoming students and all the other students on campus. Creating a welcoming environment is a principle I try to adhere by and do my best to provide an inclusive welcoming environment in every role I hold on campus. 

Tyler Haynes


Major: UMSL SUCCEED Program - Second Year

Sponsoring Organization: Alpha Phi Omega

“I believe the UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents the strength and greatness of UMSL. I would be a qualified candidate because I absolutely love UMSL! UMSL is an amazing university. I love going to classes and participating in many activities. The professors, staff, and students are awesome. I have met so many great people and try to do as many activities as I can. I really wanted to come to college. I am so glad that UMSL has the SUCCEED Program! I can tell that UMSL works hard to make everyone feel special.”

Sayde Hindelang


Major: Psychology

Sponsoring Organization: Delta Zeta

“I believe that the UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents the long time traditions on our campus. These traditions not only showcase UMSL's ability to have fun but also the sense of community our campus has that others lack. The UMSL community is a family and I would be honored to be a representative of that family! I believe I would be an excellent candidate because I have so much love for our campus and the traditions we may not get to partake in this year, but excited for the new ones we get to create!”

Monica Holtmeyer


Major: English

Sponsoring Organization: Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association

“I believe that the UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents UMSL's Triton leaders, students who strive to contribute to the UMSL community and atmosphere in a positive way. I believe I would be a qualified candidate for UMSL Homecoming Royalty because of my vast involvement around campus: I've been a mentor, an editor for a student publication and an official manager of the Pierre Laclede Honors College social media, all in addition to working at the Campus REC. I've been in multiple positions that allow me to interact with students and help highlight their success here at UMSL."

Claire Krusie


Major: Elementary Education

Sponsoring Organization: Kappa Delta Pi

“I believe UMSL Homecoming Royalty represents the pride and unity of UMSL’s student community. As the president of Kappa Delta Pi Mu Iota chapter, I have had the privilege of watching my chapter change and grow with the times. With the incredible leadership behind UMSL’s student organization committees, we have been able to stay connected as a school. I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know other honor societies, sororities, sports clubs, and other organizations. Watching the great strength of UMSL students grow I believe gives me the qualification of sharing my experiences as Homecoming Royalty.”

Kiara Stewart


Major: Business Administration

Sponsoring Organization: Student Athlete Advisory Committee

“To me, UMSL Homecoming royalty means representing your school as a whole at its best. And, to be honest it's a big deal to be apart of. It's about encouraging others, also I'm pretty sure everyone looks forward to homecoming. It's that week-long event that shows school pride, traditions, and what UMSL really stands for the best way possible. It's known as a big social event where everyone gets cleaned up and have a good time, and that's something I love. I would be a qualified candidate because not only can I embody leadership on the court with my teammates but will love to in my peer community. And being able to make a difference is what's mainly important to me whether it's for one person or fifty.”

Rachel Thompson


Major: French & Communications

Sponsoring Organization: University Program Board

“I think that UMSL Homecoming Royalty is a representation of the heart and spirit of UMSL while also reflecting our core values and mission. The Homecoming Royalty pays homage to the tradition that has been upheld for years, but also understands that innovation and progress are necessary components for keeping tradition alive (i.e changing Homecoming King/Queen to royalty to become more inclusive.) Throughout my time on the University Program Board, I think that we have upheld all of UMSL's core values, specifically innovation, engagement, and inclusion and that is what I would like to bring to the table. Innovation by creating and brainstorming new event ideas that will draw students in and adapting our events to this rapidly changing world. Engagement by trying to reach as many students as we can and inviting them to our free programs so that they have a reason to stay on campus. And inclusion as try to be most accommodating to all of our students.”